1. OMG! Silver! In my hair! My hair is rich now! :O


  2. All that true blood booty! Thanks to my pal Lauro! (^o^)


  3. This is how my hair now looks like when I approach the window (at my room).

    Finally silver, yeah! Even if just on a certain light. ^_^;


  4. Last but not least, this is how my hair looks like when in direct sunlight.


  5. This is how my hair looks like (when I’m inside the house) after my last dying adventure.

    That’s the laundry room, by the way. :3


  6. streetberlin:

    "please read and reblog this. one of my dearest tumblr friends alittletasteofmint is under attack.

    and yes: i’m all in for the "name and shame the bully" game”

    martin, streetberlin


    Dearest Friends and Followers,

    Let’s talk about cyber bullying- a very…

    Fuck bullies!


  7. More details on my self-made haircut. ^_^


  8. My new haircut DIY! :D


  9. Just finished making this sign. It says: Asylum on full capacity. Proceed with caution.


  10. Keeping my eyes peeled for more.


  11. I may or may not be planning a Mohawk. Hmmm…


  12. #100daysoftruth - Day 8: you know what? I’m tired of the stress of having to post a pic a day saying something. Be it true or happy! I have been telling the truth around here way before this project.

    I liked the counterpart idea used behind it because #100HappyDays made me sad and annoyed but… I prefer to tell you the truth, not the whole truth, and, fuck it, maybe the whole truth at my own pace and just go back to microblogging like I used to, which was therapeutic to me.

    This right now is just adding unnecessary stress to me. kthxbai.


  13. Before VS After dying and cutting my own hair.


  14. nsumida:

    Finished drawing my tiny book.  Expect come Snackies updates soon.

    OMG! This is us, our generation!

    (via babytheblackimpala)


  15. #100daysoftruth - Day 4: people say I’ve got guts, dying and cutting my own hair. I just find it extremely therapeutic.

    P. S.: meet my fav tools!